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Massif was built on two basic philosophies, which really were no less than the way of life lead by its founders: Commitment to quality and change for perfection. Upon these two cores massif developed a deep concern for providing exactly what the customer really needs.


It is through this process, that begun with our first customer in 1980, that Massif shares today ample relationships with people and organizations, which go far beyond the mere business aspects. Massif is a manufacturer interested in developing relations with a human face and value. With commitment to:


  • Quality
  • Continuous change and improvement
  • Creating long lasting meaningful relationships
  • Respect our valued employees and customers
  • Respect the future of our living earth


Today Massif is a mature organization with the willingness to expand.


Our immediate concern is the introduction of new product lines and and to expand beyond the boundaries of Cyprus through exports and international distributors.


We have recently introduced an exceptionally elegant wood-aluminium jointing system with outstanding design elements, increased energy saving potentials, and excellent insulation characteristics that compliment the external and internal aesthetics.


Our ultimate vision and long-term direction is to evolve into a company that will offer complete housing solutions in terms of everything wooden.


This present expansion stage requires new people and new associates to come on board; people that will share the dream of Massif.

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59B, Panayioti Papaioannou,
Ayios Silas Industrial Area,
Ypsonas, Limassol
Tel:+357 25393861
Tel:+357 25367676
Fax:+357 25397722
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