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To create through uncompromising excellence. To continuously improve through innovative practices to offer the best quality products that are beautiful to the eye and warm to the heart. To build meaningful relationships through our business and products that will last for life. In doing so, we will always share utmost respect for the planet and the environment of our future.



Every starting entrepreneur has a dream. A belief that his creation, will one day, travel through long distance and time. We, at Massif, have lived and breathed wooden creations since 1980. We have succeeded because we have built an organization which respects the customer and which is devoted to quality and innovation. We, at Massif, will keep these core values and at the same time expand to offer complete housing solutions. We will create associations and friendships, which will go beyond the boundaries of our small island. The name Massif, will maintain it's association with top quality, the best value, and as a creator of beautiful and warm products that will leave our present and future customers completely satisfied.

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59B, Panayioti Papaioannou,
Ayios Silas Industrial Area,
Ypsonas, Limassol
Tel:+357 25393861
Tel:+357 25367676
Fax:+357 25397722
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